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We make videos that convert your advertising dollars into measurable return.

Aaron Bren


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Script Writing

Educated by the Harmon Brothers (creators of Squatty Potty, Purple Mattress, and Chatbooks ad campaigns) We write ads that sell, and keep attention with good humor and rhythm. 


 Commercial Video Production

We Produce TV Commercials, Kickstarter Campaigns, Social Media Campaign Videos,  Trainings & Internal Use Videos, and Capture Special Events. 

Wedding Films

Mezia Wedding Films is the premiere Wedding Videography company in the region.


Recent Projects



Some Promotional Videos Need to move quickly through complicated information. Motion graphcis can help clearly communicate your soultion for your customer’s problem. 


Small business Promotions

Local used car dealer with a fantastic reputation for honesty, integrity and a knack for finding the perfect vehicle at the right time. 

Concert Promotion

Concert & Event Promotion

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Mezia was fantastic to work with and produced an absolutely stunning video – not just of our daughters wedding but for several hours before and after also. The final product is truly breathtaking. I would highly recommend Mezia for all special occasions!

Carrie Hartshorn

We reached out to Mezia to have them create a promotional video for some of our education programs and they were fantastic! Aaron met with me and was so prompt and efficient with everything. We gave him a *very* short time frame to work with and he completed a wonderful video for us. He went above and beyond our expectations. Definitely want to work with the Mezia team again!!

Katie Babino – LCSC

A Few Words

About Mezia

Why Mezia?

Mezia Media is all about creating video content that does what our customers expect it to do.   

Commercial Video Production We strive to make videos that generate a return greater than the investment.  We are continually training with some of the most effective and influencial media companies in the world to be able to deliver world class effectiveness from our video production.

Wedding Films We are all about capturing the emotion of your wedding day or special event, and preserving it in video.  We love to tell the story of your life, and know we are doing it well when the tears start flowing.  This may be the most challenging thing we do, but we continue to do it, and continue to stretch our ability to tell your story. 

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